Business spotlight: O Green Café

The new cafe recently opened in Arcadia.

Written by Sophie Ho, Staff Writer/ Published on February 21, 2014

Amidst vibrant-colored flowers, an abundance of brown, and contemporary décor stands O’Green Café, serving organic cuisine at 713 West Duarte Road, Arcadia. This café has been highly praised by health fanatics for its usage of high-quality organic ingredients and 316 titanium stainless steel cookware, which help to preserve nutrients.

O’ Green Cafe gives off an original twist by allowing diners to experience a mixed tradition of Taiwanese bubble milk tea and Hong Kong-style food in a very trendy, western environment. The cafe’s quaint yet lively interior accommodates around 20 customers, setting a comfortable ambiance for a date or a free Wi-Fi-supported study environment.

The Wild Mushroom Pasta with chicken is very flavorful. Savory mushrooms sautéed on basil are sprinkled in the bowl along with various herbs that tingles taste buds. Lightly salted chicken strips are enough to satisfy any meat lover, and the overall dish is light yet filling.

The Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Macaroon serves a nice surprise in the center with a strawberry filling and the macaroon was crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside.

O’ Green Cafe serves tasty and organic food to customers and boasts smooth and accommodating service. Whether for a relaxing night out with friends or a small family dinner, O’ Green Cafe welcomes anyone who is looking for healthy and satisfying dishes and drinks.


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