An Interview with School Board Member John Pomeroy

John Pomeroy joined the Temple City School Board last December. 

Written by Amy Lin, Treasurer, and Kristy Hsi, Assistant Editor/ Published on February 21, 2014

John Pomeroy, who was sworn as a Temple City School Board Member last December, recently spoke with The Temple City Voice regarding his vision for the school district.

Pomeroy states that he decided to serve on the school board to ensure that the academic curriculum in the Temple City Unified School District (TCUSD) stays strong. He says he is impressed by the diverse education that students receive that includes high-performing academic courses, as well as outstanding arts and athletic programs.

“I want to grow our academic programs by meeting our high school students’ demands for Advanced Placement classes and also by incorporating art more consistently in the elementary schools,” the school board member says.

Pomeroy also wants to hear more from students, parents, teachers, and community about the opportunities that Temple City students may lack. He believes it is important the school district provide students with training for college and career.

“We need to prepare every graduate so that whenever they decide to pursue college, they are prepared and don’t need to take remedial courses,” Pomeroy says. “We also need to provide for our most gifted students a real solid preparation for college that would equal what they would get at the best public or private high school.”

To implement his vision, Pomeroy advocates for spending bond funds on upgraded science classrooms. He also wants to ensure counselors are available to students for not only college and career planning, but also unfortunate situations, for example, those that may lead to dangerous behavior.

The school board member also shared the Temple City school board’s agenda for the next few months.

Pomeroy states, “This spring we have an enormous task ahead of us as we continue to plan for the implementation of the Common Core curriculum, prepare the Local Control and Accountability Plan. In addition, it appears that we will be immediately conducting a search for a new superintendent to take over this school year.”

Pomeroy expresses his love and appreciation for Temple City and its school district, its volunteers, and employees. He looks forward to a long period of service and success for the school district’s children.


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