Show Some Love for Fathers

Tips for how to make this Father’s Day special.

Written by Jamilla Abugazia, Staff Writer/ Published on 29 June, 2014

Father’s Day is creeping closer and closer as the third Sunday of June draws near. During this special day, people everywhere are planning just how to make their fathers feel appreciated. There are many different ways to show appreciation for fathers, but here are a few special examples.

Instead of going out to eat, cook him a meal. This is a more personalized alternative to eating out and fathers can admire the effort put into making the dish. If preparing a whole meal is too overwhelming, start with something smaller, such as making coffee or tea or simply baking his favorite cookies. Simple recipes for small snacks can also be found online and are easy to follow. Better yet, get his buffalo wings ready for the Sunday basketball and sports games. Even though cooking may not seem as extravagant as dining out, fathers will appreciate the effort you put into cooking for them.

Buy him some gifts to show that you care and know what he needs. If you plan on buying, keep in mind that these gifts do not have to be pricey. They could even be necessities such as his favorite shaving cream and razor. Fathers can appreciate the importance of even the smallest of items as long as they have a use for them.

Help with the cleaning or housework. By doing chores such as washing the car or mowing the lawn, you make their day more relaxing and enjoyable.

Best of all, do something special that only the two of you do.

Sophomore Michelle Fung suggests a few tips.

“I think that people should do what their dads like most, whether it’s going to his favorite restaurant or doing something they haven’t done with their dad in a while,” she said. “It depends on the relationship between the father and child, but I think it’s really important to do something special to let fathers know how important they are.”

Even though it is Father’s Day, fathers should be appreciated every day. This Father’s Day, make sure you take time out of your schedule to celebrate it with him and make him feel like king for a day.


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