The Temple City Voice is a local, community news publication that serves the city of Temple City. Our staff is composed of high school and college students who volunteer their time to report on news and events affecting Temple City. Students attend events and write about those events in order to better inform our community.

Also known simply as the Voice, the Temple City Voice was founded by Matthew Wong in July 2006.  Wong, then a Temple City High School senior, worked with his fellow high school students to create a news publication designed to strengthen community awareness.

Since 2006, the Temple CityVoice has steadily gained recognition throughout Temple City and the San Gabriel Valley.

Together with the Temple City High School Junior State of America (JSA), a total of five candidates’ forums have been held for the School Board and City Council elections. The first School Board candidates’ forum took place in September 2007, while the first City Council candidates’ forum took place in January 2009. Recently, the Voice and JSA co-sponsored their fifth candidates’ forum for the 2011 School Board election.

The mission of the Temple City Voice is to provide news coverage to Temple City, as well as to encourage active participation and civic responsibility among the residents of Temple City.

2012- 2013 TCV Slogan – “Your Lives, Our Stories”

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