The Joys of Easter

Temple City residents celebrate Easter in unique and exciting ways.

Written by JAMILLA ABUGAZIA / Published on 25 April, 2014

Filled with pastel colored eggs and bunny shaped candies, Easter Sunday is the time of the year when families spend quality time with each other. It is also considered a holiday for renewing hope, just in time for spring.

Many families have unique ways of celebrating Easter. From holding feasts to painting boiled eggs and giving out chocolates to young children, these activities bring family and friends closer on this special day.

“On the day before Easter, I would boil and paint eggs as a Saturday tradition,” said Sophia Mercado, a musician and mother of two. “Those eggs would later be put into the potato salad feast that we would have for dinner. The next day, we would have a little Easter egg hunt at home. I feel that Easter brings our immediate family together.”

Some celebrate Easter by incorporating family customs. “On the week of Easter, my family and I do not eat meat and fast,” said Nikki Limfueco, a registered nurse. “I also watch films that pertain to Easter and show the meaning of hope behind it. This is a tradition that I practiced in the Philippines when I was a child and one that I still follow.”

There are also many who observe Easter spiritually with loved ones. “For Easter, I go to church with my parents,” said Temple City High School Sophomore Elaine Wittry. “After attending Sunday mass, I would spend the rest of the day with my family.”

The essence of Easter could also be felt in the community as Live Oak Park held an Easter egg hunt for children on Saturday, April 19, that included arts and craft making.

Despite how differently Easter is celebrated, the meaning behind it is the same: to be
festive and gather with loved ones in hope of a new beginning in spring.


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