How To Beat That Heat!

Temple City citizens share what they do to conquer the hot weather.

Written by Irene Hsu, Staff Writer/ Published on 29 June, 2014

As summer comes around the corner and temperatures soar to the 90s and the 100s in Southern California, we all struggle to find ways to accommodate the exhilarating heat change.

Temple City community members share some useful techniques they use to adapt and form their lifestyles around the hot weather.

“I wear light, breezy clothes and flips flops, and I tie up my hair in a bun,” said Junior Sharon Wu. “I turn on the air conditioner at home and in the car, too.”

Head Coach Jose Marquez of the Temple City High School track and field team also has advice to offer.

“If I’m hanging out indoors, a T-Shirt and Rainbow flip flops are my thing,” he said. “Let’s say I’m working in our backyard or going on a hike; I usually wear a thin light-colored long sleeve button up shirt with some khaki pants, sunglasses, camelback, and a big hat.”

Coach Marquez also comments that in addition to wearing different attire, changing eating and exercising habits is crucial for combating the heat effectively.

“If we’re at school for track practice, I lower practice intensity, shorten the duration, and give lots of water breaks.”

Junior Wu agrees. “I always have a water bottle with me and I like drinking cold juice and eating popsicles when I can.”

Accomodating the heat is something that everyone in Temple City experiences. Whether, it is a change in outfits or a change in daily routines, the sweltering heat of the California sun can be combatted with some safe cooling methods until fall swings by.


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