Founder’s Column

Thinking Back, Looking Forward

As someone who sees himself, or at least as an individual who strives to be, an agent of change in this world, I often spend time thinking back and looking forward.

I reflect upon who I am, where I have come, what challenges and opportunities I have had, how I am working towards the goals and aspirations I have for myself, personally and professionally. I ponder over myself, family and friends, and community. I contemplate on my faith, values, and principles.

Sometimes, my thoughts transpire into action. Sometimes, my thoughts remain ideas that I construct and deconstruct until an action emerges.

As I think back, I must say that the year 2013 has truly been a year of action.

Earlier this year, I positioned myself to serve as a leader to move our community forward. While the outcome of that moment was not what I had hoped, it was certainly an incredible experience to speak and discuss the issues of concerns Temple City residents had.

I also received my master’s from the University of Southern California. Shortly thereafter, I became a California credentialed educator. Now, I am working in the field of education.

This summer, The Temple City Voice reinvented itself as a hybrid community publication: monthly in print, weekly online. With a new leadership, we set goals to move this organization forward, for example, a new focus on stories that significantly impact our city and school district.

As I look forward, I know the year 2014 will bring a new set of challenges and opportunities. I am confident that with the support of my family and friends, as well as this community, I will rise to the occasion.

December 2013