Show Some Love for Fathers

Tips for how to make this Father’s Day special.

Written by Jamilla Abugazia, Staff Writer/ Published on 29 June, 2014

Father’s Day is creeping closer and closer as the third Sunday of June draws near. During this special day, people everywhere are planning just how to make their fathers feel appreciated. There are many different ways to show appreciation for fathers, but here are a few special examples.

Instead of going out to eat, cook him a meal. This is a more personalized alternative to eating out and fathers can admire the effort put into making the dish. If preparing a whole meal is too overwhelming, start with something smaller, such as making coffee or tea or simply baking his favorite cookies. Simple recipes for small snacks can also be found online and are easy to follow. Better yet, get his buffalo wings ready for the Sunday basketball and sports games. Even though cooking may not seem as extravagant as dining out, fathers will appreciate the effort you put into cooking for them.

Buy him some gifts to show that you care and know what he needs. If you plan on buying, keep in mind that these gifts do not have to be pricey. They could even be necessities such as his favorite shaving cream and razor. Fathers can appreciate the importance of even the smallest of items as long as they have a use for them.

Help with the cleaning or housework. By doing chores such as washing the car or mowing the lawn, you make their day more relaxing and enjoyable.

Best of all, do something special that only the two of you do.

Sophomore Michelle Fung suggests a few tips.

“I think that people should do what their dads like most, whether it’s going to his favorite restaurant or doing something they haven’t done with their dad in a while,” she said. “It depends on the relationship between the father and child, but I think it’s really important to do something special to let fathers know how important they are.”

Even though it is Father’s Day, fathers should be appreciated every day. This Father’s Day, make sure you take time out of your schedule to celebrate it with him and make him feel like king for a day.


How To Beat That Heat!

Temple City citizens share what they do to conquer the hot weather.

Written by Irene Hsu, Staff Writer/ Published on 29 June, 2014

As summer comes around the corner and temperatures soar to the 90s and the 100s in Southern California, we all struggle to find ways to accommodate the exhilarating heat change.

Temple City community members share some useful techniques they use to adapt and form their lifestyles around the hot weather.

“I wear light, breezy clothes and flips flops, and I tie up my hair in a bun,” said Junior Sharon Wu. “I turn on the air conditioner at home and in the car, too.”

Head Coach Jose Marquez of the Temple City High School track and field team also has advice to offer.

“If I’m hanging out indoors, a T-Shirt and Rainbow flip flops are my thing,” he said. “Let’s say I’m working in our backyard or going on a hike; I usually wear a thin light-colored long sleeve button up shirt with some khaki pants, sunglasses, camelback, and a big hat.”

Coach Marquez also comments that in addition to wearing different attire, changing eating and exercising habits is crucial for combating the heat effectively.

“If we’re at school for track practice, I lower practice intensity, shorten the duration, and give lots of water breaks.”

Junior Wu agrees. “I always have a water bottle with me and I like drinking cold juice and eating popsicles when I can.”

Accomodating the heat is something that everyone in Temple City experiences. Whether, it is a change in outfits or a change in daily routines, the sweltering heat of the California sun can be combatted with some safe cooling methods until fall swings by.

The Joys of Easter

Temple City residents celebrate Easter in unique and exciting ways.

Written by JAMILLA ABUGAZIA / Published on 25 April, 2014

Filled with pastel colored eggs and bunny shaped candies, Easter Sunday is the time of the year when families spend quality time with each other. It is also considered a holiday for renewing hope, just in time for spring.

Many families have unique ways of celebrating Easter. From holding feasts to painting boiled eggs and giving out chocolates to young children, these activities bring family and friends closer on this special day.

“On the day before Easter, I would boil and paint eggs as a Saturday tradition,” said Sophia Mercado, a musician and mother of two. “Those eggs would later be put into the potato salad feast that we would have for dinner. The next day, we would have a little Easter egg hunt at home. I feel that Easter brings our immediate family together.”

Some celebrate Easter by incorporating family customs. “On the week of Easter, my family and I do not eat meat and fast,” said Nikki Limfueco, a registered nurse. “I also watch films that pertain to Easter and show the meaning of hope behind it. This is a tradition that I practiced in the Philippines when I was a child and one that I still follow.”

There are also many who observe Easter spiritually with loved ones. “For Easter, I go to church with my parents,” said Temple City High School Sophomore Elaine Wittry. “After attending Sunday mass, I would spend the rest of the day with my family.”

The essence of Easter could also be felt in the community as Live Oak Park held an Easter egg hunt for children on Saturday, April 19, that included arts and craft making.

Despite how differently Easter is celebrated, the meaning behind it is the same: to be
festive and gather with loved ones in hope of a new beginning in spring.

Temple City Students Visit Italy for the first time

Temple City High students visited Italy for the first time under a new program

Written by BRYCE HANAMOTO, Staff Writer and KRISTY HSI, Assistant Editor/ Published on 25 April, 2014

For the first time, a group of 33 Temple City High School students and 5 chaperones visited Italy for nine days during their Spring Break under a new program.

The students visited cities such as Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome and saw important structures like the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, and the Roman Forum.

In addition to all of the wonderful places they visited, students and chaperones were able to enjoy many different types of Italian food. Ranging from pizza at La Focaccia to different pastas and gelato, many students loved the unique tastes that each provided.

In order for this trip to occur, students started an Italy Club at the high school to learn the Italian language and history, meeting every other Wednesday in order to practice. They also fundraised by selling frozen yogurt, pasta, and Rita’s Ice at different Fun Food Fridays at the high school.

Sabrina Wu, president of the Italy Club, shared her elation towards seeing the project come to fruition.

“The thing I enjoyed most about the trip was how our whole group of students bonded together even though most of us didn’t know one another prior to the trip, and it was like an exciting adventure for us every day in the foreign country,” said Wu.

“My favorite place would have to be Florence because of its city life, restaurants, and the design of the buildings and streets. I just loved the overall vibe of the city and could definitely see myself living there one day.”

For more information on the trip, please visit

Series of earthquakes shake SGV over weekend

Recent earthquakes shake San Gabriel Valley over the weekend.

Written by IRENE HSU, Staff Writer/ Published on 25 April, 2014

A 5.1-magnitude earthquake hit Los Angeles County on the night of Friday, March 28, 2014. The shallow earthquake, centered in La Habra, struck along the Puente Hills fault that runs through San Gabriel Valley, downtown Los Angeles, and the northern Orange County. Luckily, disaster was avoided because the tremor did not spread to the major Whittier and San Andreas faultlines. More than sixteen aftershocks above 2.5 magnitude have followed within a time frame of twenty-four hours.

Students from Temple City High School shared their reactions to the earthquake; junior Eric Le did not feel the minor shake, alike many others around the city.

When asked about how he felt about the earthquake, Le responded that he was not surprised.

“We live in California and we are prone to have earthquakes,” he said.

Sophomore Nathania Hartojo expressed her concern for the severity of after-shocks, and discussed the importance of preparing for future emergencies.

“I will stock more food and water and more batteries and make or find more earthquake-safe places in my house,” Hartojo said, when asked about what she might do to prepare for future earthquake crises.

Le answered similarly. “I would prepare a safety pack which would include water, blankets, and emergency supplies.”

Earthquakes are a common part of life in California so one should always make sure to have an earthquake-safe shelter in one’s house. Remember to stay calm and not panic.

Gateway representative says project to finish in 2014

The Gateway Project finally broke ground last fall.

Written by KRISTY HSI, Associate Editor/ Published on February 21, 2014

After years of delay, The Gateway project is coming to life at the corner of Rosemead Boulevard and Las Tunas Drive.

The 76,000 square foot Mediterranean style project is planned to include commercial spaces nestled throughout four main buildings. The completed project will have room for retail, office, and restaurant spaces. There will also be a large parking lot.

“The estimated construction cost of the project is about $20, million,” Nassef Eskander, project manager, says.

According to Eskander, developer and owner Randy Wang secured funding last September and received construction permits from City Hall in October.

Since then, The Gateway has focused on the construction of its underground parking facility.

“We have completed 40 percent of the underground (subterranean) structure,” Eskander details. “It is anticipated that the underground parking will be completed by the end of March 2014 when above-deck buildings will start to be constructed.”

Eskander notes that the project is to be completed by the end of 2014. Tenant improvements will be made once leasing is determined.

The Gateway project has had a long and tumultuous history.

The developer and owner originally envisioned a mixed-use development known first as The Temple City Galleria and later as The Piazza Las Tunas. In 2006, the city approved the project (with a scheduled completion date in 2009), but Wang failed to start, likely due to a lack of funding.

After years of non-action, a legal dispute emerged between the developer and the city. Both parties eventually settled and the current Gateway project, a commercial only development, was born.

Business spotlight: O Green Café

The new cafe recently opened in Arcadia.

Written by Sophie Ho, Staff Writer/ Published on February 21, 2014

Amidst vibrant-colored flowers, an abundance of brown, and contemporary décor stands O’Green Café, serving organic cuisine at 713 West Duarte Road, Arcadia. This café has been highly praised by health fanatics for its usage of high-quality organic ingredients and 316 titanium stainless steel cookware, which help to preserve nutrients.

O’ Green Cafe gives off an original twist by allowing diners to experience a mixed tradition of Taiwanese bubble milk tea and Hong Kong-style food in a very trendy, western environment. The cafe’s quaint yet lively interior accommodates around 20 customers, setting a comfortable ambiance for a date or a free Wi-Fi-supported study environment.

The Wild Mushroom Pasta with chicken is very flavorful. Savory mushrooms sautéed on basil are sprinkled in the bowl along with various herbs that tingles taste buds. Lightly salted chicken strips are enough to satisfy any meat lover, and the overall dish is light yet filling.

The Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Macaroon serves a nice surprise in the center with a strawberry filling and the macaroon was crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside.

O’ Green Cafe serves tasty and organic food to customers and boasts smooth and accommodating service. Whether for a relaxing night out with friends or a small family dinner, O’ Green Cafe welcomes anyone who is looking for healthy and satisfying dishes and drinks.

An Interview with School Board Member John Pomeroy

John Pomeroy joined the Temple City School Board last December. 

Written by Amy Lin, Treasurer, and Kristy Hsi, Assistant Editor/ Published on February 21, 2014

John Pomeroy, who was sworn as a Temple City School Board Member last December, recently spoke with The Temple City Voice regarding his vision for the school district.

Pomeroy states that he decided to serve on the school board to ensure that the academic curriculum in the Temple City Unified School District (TCUSD) stays strong. He says he is impressed by the diverse education that students receive that includes high-performing academic courses, as well as outstanding arts and athletic programs.

“I want to grow our academic programs by meeting our high school students’ demands for Advanced Placement classes and also by incorporating art more consistently in the elementary schools,” the school board member says.

Pomeroy also wants to hear more from students, parents, teachers, and community about the opportunities that Temple City students may lack. He believes it is important the school district provide students with training for college and career.

“We need to prepare every graduate so that whenever they decide to pursue college, they are prepared and don’t need to take remedial courses,” Pomeroy says. “We also need to provide for our most gifted students a real solid preparation for college that would equal what they would get at the best public or private high school.”

To implement his vision, Pomeroy advocates for spending bond funds on upgraded science classrooms. He also wants to ensure counselors are available to students for not only college and career planning, but also unfortunate situations, for example, those that may lead to dangerous behavior.

The school board member also shared the Temple City school board’s agenda for the next few months.

Pomeroy states, “This spring we have an enormous task ahead of us as we continue to plan for the implementation of the Common Core curriculum, prepare the Local Control and Accountability Plan. In addition, it appears that we will be immediately conducting a search for a new superintendent to take over this school year.”

Pomeroy expresses his love and appreciation for Temple City and its school district, its volunteers, and employees. He looks forward to a long period of service and success for the school district’s children.

Evaluate yourself

Editor’s Column for February 2014

Written by Natalie Jin, Editor-in-Chief/ Published on February 21, 2014

This might just be the musings of an observing senior in high school. Within just the few years of my high school career, as I watched each new batch of underclassmen file in for orientation, I feel as if more and more students are getting more and more involved – too involved. So involved and immersed in both academic and extra-curricular rigors that I can’t help but question the moral integrity of their interests.

They’re joining clubs, a minimum of four at a time; they’re starting charities; they’re going to Africa for a summer to gain global insight; they’re taking a minimum of five AP classes per semester. And as I sit back and watch them file in to start their new clubs that Mr. So-and-so said was a great resume booster, I can’t help but wonder – have you lost yourself? What is your passion? Harvard? That’s not a passion. That’s an institution.

Don’t get me wrong. Aiming high and striving for admissions into reputable colleges is no sin. And I am certainly not devaluing the merits of these high school students: I do believe that certain individuals do have the capacity of heart and capability of mind to manage so many different realms of responsibilities. But does everybody? Or have you lost yourself amidst the struggles of plumping your resume? Has your sheer ambition taken you too far?

Let me give you a humble word of advice: you don’t have to do this.

Find things you are truly passionate about. It doesn’t have to be more than one or two. It’s quality over quantity.

Do things you truly love.

Make a difference in a field that you’d boast not only on your resume but also to your grandchildren.

Be personable, and don’t lose yourself to your ambitions.

A holiday of love

Valentine’s Day experiences are shared as Temple City residents celebrate this tradition of love.

Written By IRENE HSU, Staff Writer/ Published on February 14, 2014

A time for secret admirers to sneak notes and also a time to remember loved ones, Valentine’s Day has been a tradition for as long as one can remember. This national holiday of love was celebrated on Friday, February 14 this year.

For couples, Valentine’s Day is a day to spend time together and do something special. Some favorite ways to celebrate include going out to dinner, exchanging gifts, and also eating chocolates.

For others, Valentine’s Day is significant because it is a time to show appreciation and caring for friends and family. Some families celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out to restaurants and simply enjoying each other’s company.

Whether there is a significant other present or not, Valentine’s Day is always a day to look forward to. Members of the Temple City community share their Valentine’s Day experience.

“My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is candy,” said Longden Elementary sixth grader Angela Hsu. “I also like having a party in class.”

The Valentine’s Day spirit is also recognized through attire. “I celebrate Valentine’s Day by wearing pink,” said Melody Lin, a sophomore at Temple City High School.

Still, there are others who treat Valentine’s Day just like an ordinary day. “I celebrate Valentine’s Day like any other day,” said thirty-year-old businessman Daniel Vu. “It is not a special day or holiday to me. The meaning behind it should be done 24/7/365.”

Some find meaning behind this February holiday and celebrate while others simply see it as another typical day. Whatever one might believe, this tradition of love is a good way to spend time with loved ones as well as enjoy a few sweet treats.