Evaluate yourself

Editor’s Column for February 2014

Written by Natalie Jin, Editor-in-Chief/ Published on February 21, 2014

This might just be the musings of an observing senior in high school. Within just the few years of my high school career, as I watched each new batch of underclassmen file in for orientation, I feel as if more and more students are getting more and more involved – too involved. So involved and immersed in both academic and extra-curricular rigors that I can’t help but question the moral integrity of their interests.

They’re joining clubs, a minimum of four at a time; they’re starting charities; they’re going to Africa for a summer to gain global insight; they’re taking a minimum of five AP classes per semester. And as I sit back and watch them file in to start their new clubs that Mr. So-and-so said was a great resume booster, I can’t help but wonder – have you lost yourself? What is your passion? Harvard? That’s not a passion. That’s an institution.

Don’t get me wrong. Aiming high and striving for admissions into reputable colleges is no sin. And I am certainly not devaluing the merits of these high school students: I do believe that certain individuals do have the capacity of heart and capability of mind to manage so many different realms of responsibilities. But does everybody? Or have you lost yourself amidst the struggles of plumping your resume? Has your sheer ambition taken you too far?

Let me give you a humble word of advice: you don’t have to do this.

Find things you are truly passionate about. It doesn’t have to be more than one or two. It’s quality over quantity.

Do things you truly love.

Make a difference in a field that you’d boast not only on your resume but also to your grandchildren.

Be personable, and don’t lose yourself to your ambitions.


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