A holiday of love

Valentine’s Day experiences are shared as Temple City residents celebrate this tradition of love.

Written By IRENE HSU, Staff Writer/ Published on February 14, 2014

A time for secret admirers to sneak notes and also a time to remember loved ones, Valentine’s Day has been a tradition for as long as one can remember. This national holiday of love was celebrated on Friday, February 14 this year.

For couples, Valentine’s Day is a day to spend time together and do something special. Some favorite ways to celebrate include going out to dinner, exchanging gifts, and also eating chocolates.

For others, Valentine’s Day is significant because it is a time to show appreciation and caring for friends and family. Some families celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out to restaurants and simply enjoying each other’s company.

Whether there is a significant other present or not, Valentine’s Day is always a day to look forward to. Members of the Temple City community share their Valentine’s Day experience.

“My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is candy,” said Longden Elementary sixth grader Angela Hsu. “I also like having a party in class.”

The Valentine’s Day spirit is also recognized through attire. “I celebrate Valentine’s Day by wearing pink,” said Melody Lin, a sophomore at Temple City High School.

Still, there are others who treat Valentine’s Day just like an ordinary day. “I celebrate Valentine’s Day like any other day,” said thirty-year-old businessman Daniel Vu. “It is not a special day or holiday to me. The meaning behind it should be done 24/7/365.”

Some find meaning behind this February holiday and celebrate while others simply see it as another typical day. Whatever one might believe, this tradition of love is a good way to spend time with loved ones as well as enjoy a few sweet treats.


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