Australians visit Temple City in annual exchange

The Temple City Sister City Association invites seven Australian students to experience Temple City and America.

Written by LOUISA CHANG, Staff Writer/ Published on February 7, 2014 

On December 26, 2013, seven teenagers from Hawkesbury, Australia arrived in Temple City to participate in the annual student exchange program held by the Temple City Sister City Association. This year, the Australian student ambassadors were Jamie Anyon-Smith, Adam Clark, Jordan Pearson, Tim McAlpine, Thomas Refalo, Phoebe Tracey, and Bethany Tramontano. Their host siblings were Michelle Hubbard, Janabelle Peng, Louisa Chang, Billy McGavin, Nathan Franco, Keefer Sih, and Janelle Rivera.

During their month-long stay, the Australians toured local sites, such as City Hall and the fire station, and visited iconic tourist destinations, such as Disneyland and Universal Studios. They were also able to attend classes at Temple City High School with their host siblings on designated weekdays and the annual Temple City High School dance concert.

“The school system here in America is interesting,” said exchange student Phoebe Tracey. “It’s definitely different than it is at home in Australia.”

On weekends, the exchange students were given free time to bond with their respective host families. With this free time, the students visited various attractions, including the Santa Monica Pier, Olvera Street, Beverly Hills, and Six Flags. They also spent time together by relaxing, watching movies, and playing laser tag with all of the families.

The Australians returned home to Hawkesbury on January 26 to start the Australian school year.

For more information on the Temple City Sister City Association, visit


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