Temple City fires city manager

Breaking: the city council unanimously votes to fire Jose Pulido at a special meeting on January 13.

Written by PROMISE LI, Managing Editor/ Published January 20, 2014

The city council of Temple City unanimously voted to terminate City Manager Jose Pulido’s contract effective February 12 at a special meeting on Monday, January 13.

The unexpected decision gives the former city manager a paid 30-day administrative leave and a severance package valued at approximately $103,000, which is equivalent to Pulido’s six-month salary. Pulido had a base salary of approximately $207,000, and received bonuses for three consecutive years of more than $50,000 in total.

In a subsequent press release, Mayor Cynthia Sternquist commented that the city council and Pulido “enjoyed a productive working relationship” but it was mutually agreed that “stronger leadership was needed to lead Temple City into the future.”

Pulido began his service with Temple City in October 2009. He was responsible for reorganizing City Hall, as well as spearheading efforts to redevelop Temple City’s Rosemead Boulevard. Prior to joining the city, he worked in the cities of San Fernando and Montebello.

Last October, Pulido was ranked the third-highest paid city manager of the five local cities that The Temple City Voice surveyed.

Administrative Services Director Tracy Hause was appointed interim city manager.


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