An interview with School Board Member Vinson Bell

Bell shares his thoughts on becoming a School Board member and what he has in mind for the school district.

Written by ALBERT CHEN, Assistant Editor and KRISTY HSI, Assistant Editor/ Published January 20, 2014

Temple City School Board Member Vinson Bell, who was sworn into office last December, recently spoke to The Temple City Voice about his plans for the school district.

A father of a Cloverly Elementary School student and an active parent volunteer for the past four years, Bell cited his daughter as the reason why he ran for the school board.

That alone gave me valuable insight about how public education works,” Bell says. I have also participated in many other functions such as being part of the district’s Measure S bond campaign to help improve the    infrastructure at all of our schools.”

Bell is a member of the graduating Temple City High School class of 1990 and wants to pay his education forward.

“It is as much a sense of duty and the pride that I have for our district that fuels my passion to pay it forward for our future generations,” says Bell. “From a personal perspective, I see my role as a board member as an opportunity to take my turn and serve our school children. My depth of knowledge and experience day in and day out around the schools equips me with the understanding as to how I can play a positive role in helping TCUSD prepare for the future.”

Bell believes that TCUSD is a strong, well-organized school district, however, he sees issues and problems resulting primarily from miscommunication. He acknowledges the most important role of a board member as having the foresight and planning that will successfully guide TCUSD.

He states, “It is our job to ensure that our future generations graduate from TCUSD with the right tools to help them be competitive not just in their potential college years but also in real life.”


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