Students share their Christmas experiences

The spirit of Christmas is brought to life through the celebration of family traditions and warm, beautiful environments.

Written by ELLE LAM, Staff Writer / Published January 10, 2014

With its joyful grace, splendor of colorful lights, and festive jingles, Christmas is the one heartwarming time of the year when family and friends gather together in front of tall, decorated trees and goodie-filled stockings.

In celebration of the holidays, many families cultivate their own personal traditions. Whether it is simply spending the day designing gingerbread houses or watching classic Christmas movies, these developed traditions shed cheerful light upon all.

“Every Christmas, my entire family gathers around the fireplace and sings Christmas carols while enjoying each others’ company,” said Temple City High School Sophomore Elizabeth Tang.

Temple City High School Sophomore Wesley Chen overlooks the materialistic aspects of Christmas and cherishes the reconnections brought about by the holiday, as well.

“Every Christmas, I look forward to spending time with my family and close friends,” commented Chen, “It’s a great feeling to see everyone having a good time and enjoying each others’ company.”

Along with long-lasting family customs, Christmas is well-known for the high anticipations it brings. Many look forward to the galore of ornaments and the shining, sequined wreaths that eternalize the Christmas spirit.

“Every Christmas, I look forward to bejeweling my house with a bunch of Christmas decorations,” says Temple City High School Sophomore Nikki Leon, “I love the classics like the lights, the tree filled with ornaments, the stockings stuffed with goodies, and of course, the nutcrackers. I think the decorations are what make Christmas, well, Christmas.”

While Christmas always comes to an end, the memories, traditions, and hopes always stay with those who cherish them.


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