Students decorate floats for Rose Parade

The New Year’s Rose Parade featured floats that were worked on by many of Temple City High School’s students

Written by ANDY CHUANG, Staff Writer and CLAIRE CHOW, Staff Writer / Published  January 10, 2014

This past winter break, students from various clubs within Temple City High School volunteered hours of their time and effort towards helping decorate some of the 45 rose floats that appeared in the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day.

The Rose Parade is one of the world’s most popular parades with approximately 800,000 spectators attending the event and around 84 million people from around the world watching the parade via television.

The high school students volunteered at one of the four professional float-building companies approved by the Tournament of Roses. They spent an afternoon performing multiple important tasks ranging from sorting flowers and filtering seeds to gluing them onto the floats.

Temple City High School Junior Vivian Liu described her experience working on the eHarmony float as well as the RV Generator float from Honda.

“I volunteered with Key Club and I worked at the Rosemont Pavilion with Phoenix Decorating Company,” said Liu.  “It was a tiring job; I had to climb across beams, a few feet above the ground, and I had to fit in tiny places to get all of the details onto the float.”

Although these tasks were grueling and at times repetitive, the majority of the students had a great time volunteering.

Temple City High School Senior Tiffany Luong commented, “After volunteering, I was pretty tired for just working a few hours, but it was pretty cool to see how the float was being made. The jobs they gave us were tedious, but with friends it can be fun.”

When the floats are finished, they generally carry upwards to 160,000 flowers and weigh around 6 tons of pure beauty.


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