Temple City school board reorganizes, welcomes new members

New TCUSD School Board Members Vinson Bell and John Pomeroy were sworn into their new posts. 

Written by NATALIE JIN, Editor-in-Chief / Published December 20, 2013 

Vinson Bell and John Pomeroy were sworn in as new school board members during the last Board of Education meeting on December 11.

The two new board members had taken their respective oaths of office the week prior at the California School Board Association meeting in San Diego.

However, for ceremonial purposes, Bell and Pomeroy were sworn in again at the school board meeting.

During the session, Bell and Pomeroy each gave their own welcoming speeches before the rest of the school board.

In his speech, Bell addressed students directly by discussing the importance of their education and values.

Pomeroy shared his upbringing in the neighboring Pasadena area and some of his goals as school board member.

Bell and Pomeroy replaced the former school board members Matt Smith and Joe Walker after both declined to seek re-election this November. Their terms will expire in 2017.

The new school board currently consists of Kien Tiet as president, Kenneth Knollenberg as vice president, Vinson Bell as clerk, and John Pomeroy and Bob Ridley as members.


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