Teachers from Shanghai visit Temple City High School

Representatives from Shanghai’s Jinshan High School visit Temple City.

Written by LEONA CHEN, Secretary / Published December 20, 2013

On Thursday, November 21, teachers from Shanghai Jinshan High School visited Temple City High School’s campus to compare and contrast educational systems.

Temple City High School Principal Mary Jo Fosselman-King shared how this visit could possibly affect students from both schools.

“Shanghai Jinshan High School will be sending 15 students to attend TCHS for three days during the first week of February,” King said. “I think it would be great if we could take students to visit their school, but there are no plans for it at this time.”

During their visit, the six representatives were taken on a tour around the school and were shown a few classrooms.

“They were really late and we were unable to visit the classrooms we had originally intended to visit,” King explained. “So we were only able to see a few classrooms, but they enjoyed chatting with some of our students that spoke Mandarin.”

One of the classes the group of six representatives visited was 7th Period AP Language and Composition, taught by Sarah Penalora. Principal King asked for volunteers from the class who could speak Mandarin to explain what the class was doing.

Though the students of Shanghai Jinshan High School were not present, Junior Calvin Wang nostalgically shared his history with them.

“I met them in the past when they came to America and to the summer camp I worked at: TRASK scout reservation,” he added. “I asked them about what life was like in China, the technology, the advancement of cities, and how much homework they have.”

Wang also hopes for a program in the future that would allow Temple City High School students to explore Chinese high schools and their education systems.


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