School Board rejects extension of superintendent’s contract

Kang-Smith’s tenure as superintendent may soon come to an end; current contract expires June 30, 2014.

Written by NATALIE JIN, Editor-in-Chief and PROMISE LI, Managing Editor / Published November 22, 2013

In an unexpected turn of events, the school board voted against extending Superintendent Chelsea Kang-Smith’s contract for another year, bringing her five years of leadership at Temple City Unified School District to an end.

Dr. Chelsea Kang-Smith joined the school district in August 2008, bringing with her 17 years of experience in the field of education. Since then, she has been re-appointed three times, fulfilling one three-year contract and two single-year contracts.

During the November 13 school board meeting, retiring School Board Member Matt Smith motioned to extend Dr. Kang-Smith’s contract by one year. The motion was denied by a vote of 4 to 1.

School Board Member Joe Walker, also retiring, said the whole process commenced and treated the superintendent with dignity.

“The will of the people was clear,” Walker stated. “The Board should be going in a different direction. Kang-Smith’s reputation stands on its own in the Temple City community.”

Ryan Lauterbach, economics teacher and Social Science Department Chair at Tem-ple City High School, also strongly supported the Board’s resolution.

“The School Board has made the correct decision in not renewing the Superintendent’s contract,” said Lauterbach. “When it comes to teachers, she has done everything in our power during her tenure to reduce our rights, limit our academic freedom, and keep our pay and benefits as low as possible. The School Board should seek to replace her as soon as possible.

Several attempts to contact the superintendent were made, but she has neither replied or commented upon the issue.


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