Free falling into fun at the Fall Festival

The fall festival and classic car show was held Saturday, October 22.

Written by SABRINA FANG, Staff Writer / Published November 1, 2013

Temple City recently held its annual Fall Festival and Classic Car Show on Saturday, October 22, 2013 at Temple City Civic Park.

The Fall Festival is a family-oriented event that gives families a chance to enjoy a relaxing and exciting day of food, shopping and entertainment. It holds activities and attractions for people of all ages, from kid-friendly petting zoos to shows of classic Mustangs.

Throughout the day, various performing arts groups entertained the crowd with singing, dancing, and music. Audience members would come in and settle their foldable chairs across the front lawn to get the best possible view of the Temple City Band and Auxiliaries Corps, TCHS Brighter Side Singers and the TCHS Choreo team.

The festival also allowed for local vendors to display and sell their handmade crafts of jewelry, clothing, and accessories. Their tents were lined along the pavement pathways throughout the park, attracting curious festival-goers with the many different and unique charms.

As a separate part of the Fall Festival, the Classic Car Show showcased antique car models, which ranged from classic Street Rods to iconic Corvettes. Car enthusiasts flocked to see the unique vehicles and admire the models on display.

While their parents admired cars, children participated in the many different activities that were available throughout the day. There were booths where children were able to make crafts or have their faces painted, stations where children could interact with different farm animals or enjoy a short pony ride, and many other grand attractions, such as a miniature pumpkin patch, a rock climbing wall and a Ferris wheel.

“My mom, brother and I really did have a lot of fun at the festival together,” said Temple City High School senior Nicole Hou, “because there was so much to do and see.”

“The Fall Festival is one of those events when you really see the community come together,” said Temple City High School junior Sabrina Choi. “There is something for everyone and everyone always has a good time.”

The Fall Festival has established itself as a local tradition in Temple City where family and friends can come together to enjoy one another’s company. The Fall Festival is an attraction aimed to bring families together and always promises a good time.


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