Bomb threats at Temple City schools

Temple City High School and Longden Elementary School experienced three bomb threats that interrupted school schedules.

Written by TUSTIN LEE, Staff Writer / Published October 25, 2013

The Temple City Sheriff’s station received a call on Tuesday, September 24 at 10:40 P.M. from a disguised voice claiming that multiple bombs were placed on campus of Temple City High School.

The caller told the sheriff’s that the bombs were set to explode between the times of 9:00 AM and 4:45 PM on the next day, which would eclipse the school hours of that day. School was canceled that day, and deputies and a bomb squad were called in to conduct an inspection of the campus. No bombs were found.

The next day, the Sheriff’s station received a tip off by the California High Patrol from the same perpetrator stating that two bombs were set to explode on Longden Elementary campus. The school was then evacuated with the assistance of Temple City Sheriffs, and another search was done with bomb squads, with nothing found.

On Friday, September 27, at 6:40AM, the Temple Sheriff’s Station dispatch desk received yet another call from the same person who claimed that the high school contained bombs. School was canceled and this time, a search was done with sheriffs and other units including K-9 Units and helicopters. No bombs were found again.

Afterward, sheriffs were able to find a suspect, issue a search warrant, and arrest the perpetrator who is not disclosed because he is a minor. No motive has been found out yet.

Temple City High School Principal Mary-Jo King Fosselman said though the school tries its best to keep safety its first priority for students, event like these “are hard to prevent.”

“The sheriffs did a good job though,” said King. “These are things we take very seriously so there are no precautions. We were able to execute out safety procedures and we know that we are adequately prepared in case there are actually bombs.”

The combined losses to school district totaled at $127,469.


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