Temple City’s city manager is third highest paid

Among the five cities surveyed by The Temple City Voice, Temple City’s Pulido is ranked third.

Written by PROMISE LI, Managing Editor / Published October 11, 2013 

As the cities around the San Gabriel Valley still suffer from the effects of the recent economic recession, the demand for quality local officials continues to be driven up, a fact directly reflected in their salaries.

Jose Pulido, the city manager of Temple City, received both a cost-of-living adjustment and a performance bonus in the last year. Though not entirely unanimous in its decision, the city council justified their action bys citing the highlights of Pulido’s tenure.

“Personally, I think he has a done good job in leading the city, leading city staff,” says City Councilman Vincent Yu. “We have a lot of achievements in the past year, such as we have made the Rosemead Boulevard project possible and such as all the effort into planning the future.”

Pulido now earns a salary of $202,878 plus other benefits and bonuses, making him the third-highest paid city manager around the San Gabriel Valley, right behind Mary Swink of Alhambra $212,259 and Paul Talbot of Monterey Park at $206,000.

A survey conducted by The Temple City Voice of five local cities indicated that the average annual salary for city managers is $201,283, not including benefits.

Temple City is ranked third among the five cities that were surveyed. Following Temple City are the cities of Arcadia at $199,650 and San Gabriel at $185,628.


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