Temple City school board election cancelled

For the first time in more than a decade, there will not be an election.

Written by ALBERT CHEN, Senior Editor / Published October 11, 2013 

This year’s school board candidates, Vinson Bell and John Pomeroy, are running unopposed, marking the first time that a school board election has been canceled since 1997. The last cancellation of the school board election occurred when incumbents Mike Palmer and Jerri Williamson ran uncontested.

Due to a lack of candidates and the retirements of Matt Smith and Joe Walker, this year’s candidates will run unopposed.

Bell is a 42-year old technician at an ink manufacturing lab. He is a Temple City High School alumnus. His main goals are to provide more services to students and decrease class sizes.

Pomeroy is a Los Angeles deputy district attorney and a former chairman of the Longden Elementary School Site Council. He has been an American Youth Soccer Organization coach and referee for eight years and has also regularly volunteered at Longden Elementary School. He hopes to improve the way school board meetings are run and create better relations between board members and other administrators.

Bell and Pomeroy will earn roughly $200 monthly. They will be sworn into office on December 11.

The cancellation of the 2013 election is expected to save the Temple City Unified School District $90,000.


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