An insider’s look at Miss Temple City and her Honor Court

Ambassadors share their pageant experiences and plans for the future.

Written by ELLE LAM, Staff Writer / Published October 11, 2013 

Miss Temple City 2013 Emily Cheng and her Honor Court, Betty Wang and Anna Ger, were delighted by the prestige they received when they were crowned in May. Now, these royals must now dictate their goals for the upcoming year.

Cheng, Ger, and Wang, are seniors at Temple City High School who share a strong interest in their community. These three young ladies are truly grateful for the prodigious blessings the Miss Temple City Ambassador program provides.

“This program was a great way for me to become involved in the city and attend events that brought me closer to the community,” Ger says. “I’ve been able to meet a lot of people that I wouldn’t have been able to meet because of this program.”

Being Miss Temple City is not only an opportunity to interact with community affairs but also an enlightening experience where individual expression is cultivated.

“The most important thing I learned when I tried out was hands down that I had to be myself no matter what,” Wang says. “It taught me a life lesson to always keep a posi-tive outlook on every situation I en-counter.”

However the most significant aspect of the Miss Temple City pageant is to give aspiring girls a chance to correct or emphasize an issue of concern.

The present Miss Temple City’s mission is to raise suicide awareness.
“I’m going to start focusing more on fundraising with American Suicide Prevention and make ribbons to raise money to benefit people who may be considering suicide,” Cheng says.

All of Temple City royalty have learned much from the Miss Temple City Ambassador Program and hope that it will help in the future with the big things they wish to achieve.


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