City considers working with County, School District for a new civic center

The newly envisioned Civic Center Master Plan calls for the construction of a set of new public structures in Temple City.

Written by AMY LIN, Treasurer / Published September 27, 2013 

City Manager Jose Pulido promotes the Civic Center Master Plan—an ambitious project that could potentially see Temple City, Los Angeles County and Temple City Unified School District joining forces to construct a new library, City Hall, community center and school district headquarters for the City and its residents.

Once new structures are built in Temple City, they stay in place for 35 to 50 years.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that doesn’t come around often,” says Pulido, “We have the unique chance to come together as a community to rebuild our city for the next generation, which includes our school children.”

Pulido recalls being stunned from the antiquation of the TCUSD headquarters when he first toured it in 2009. He shares, “There were very few windows, and the restrooms were being used as storage space. In my opinion, it didn’t reflect the district’s high academic performance standard.”

The City could reap many benefits from a project that combines its civic space. County Librarian Margaret Donnellan Todd believes that the endeavor may reduce the overall construction and operating costs of a new library.

“A large auditorium, Todd says, “could conceivably serve as City Council Chambers, School Board meeting room, and avenue for special presentations at the library.”

The essential funding needed for the Civic Center Master Plan totals up to $30 million, but the benefits that the project brings to the City and its residents amount to more.

After the project, the Civic Center could become an iconic gathering place for the community, with leverage from the available green space from Temple City Park and the upcoming Las Tunas Drive downtown revitalization plan.

Pulido is in favor of enforcing the Civic Center Master Plan because he believes it could boost the image of Temple City, while making government more efficient and accessible.

“For this project to be successful, Pulido shares, “we will need everybody to participate and will need our community’s support.”

According to Pulido, community meetings to discuss the project could happen as early as next year if the project manages to garner the ideal responses.


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