Six students represent Temple City in Australia

Six Temple City students travel to Australia as part of an exchange program.

Written by LOUISA CHANG, Staff Writer / Published September 13, 2013 

McGavin, Janabelle Peng, Janelle Rivera, Keefer Sih, Louisa Chang, and Nathan Franco were selected from 50 applicants by the Temple City Sister City Association to serve as student ambassadors overseas this year.

While in Australia, the six stayed with host families, attended school with their host siblings, and went on excursions planned by the Hawkesbury Sister City Association. The students visited famous attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, and the Blue Mountains.

The students were also able to take an overnight trip to Canberra, the capital of Australia, witnessed the wreath-laying ceremony at the Australian War Memorial, observed exhibits revolving around Aussie history and culture at the National Museum of Australia.

“Foreign exchange is an experience you’ll never get in the future, even if you go to the country,” said exchange student Janabelle Peng, “It’s not the same because you don’t get to live in a house with an actual Australian family or get to experience their daily life.”

Although the trip may be over for the six Temple City High students, the journey continues for the seven Australian students who will be coming to Temple City at the end of the year. The Hawkesbury delegates will be staying with their American host siblings, who they met or hosted this past summer.

Applications for the 2014 youth exchange program to the Hawkesbury are also now available. This program is open to high school sophomores currently attending Temple City High School or residing in Temple City.

Visit for more information about the program.


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