Future of Gateway project remains a mystery

The Temple City Gateway project is said to be pushing forward, but not much progress is seen.

Written by KRISTY HSI, Assistant Editor and NATALIE JIN, Editor-In-Chief / Published September 13, 2013 

For the approximately last decade, as people drive by in their cars along the intersection of Rosemead Boulevard and Las Tunas Drive, they have seen a large plot of dirt in the corner. Locals would reminiscence of Edwards Theatre that had stood upon this lot, and more nonlocal passers-by wonder, “How much longer will the dirt patch be here?”

Unfortunately, the answer to both these curious commuters and local residents still remains unrevealed, as neither the city of Temple City nor the Temple City Gateway developer have released further info about the timeline of the development.

Work on the $20 million project has been underway since February, 2011 when the Planning Commission asked for City Council’s approval of the project’s zone change, conditional use permit, and subsequent mitigated negative declaration. On March 15, 2011, the City Council held a public hearing to consider the required entitlements and made a motion to approve the zone change. It finally adopted all final planning entitlements on April 5, 2011.

From then on, the progress of the Gateway Project has been entirely unknown. City Hall has also offered little information regarding the project, redirecting all inquiries to Randy Wang, the private owner and developer of the project. Wang has also been silent in revealing the project, as any inquires about the funding, deadlines, or further progresses have been rejected.

The Temple City Gateway, the biggest retail development to occur in Temple City in over 20 years, is what is formally taking place in this empty desert of dirt. Its development plan proposes a 7,500 square feet shopping center that has four buildings featuring a retailer, many different restaurants, office space, and a large parking lot. The building designs will have an “elegant Mediterranean” architectural style, and the tower element of the plan will be flanked by two restaurant pads and an outdoor plaza at the corner of Rosemead Boulevard and Las Tunas Drive. The outdoor plaza will feature creative landscaping designed to transition into the intersection of the streets and integrate the public sidewalk with the project site.

As promising as these details sound in regards to the final Gateway Project, what now stands behind the forest-green construction fence remains only pile of dust, and the unspoken secrets of its planning.


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