City to announce Youth Committee members this month

New members for the youth committee will be announced soon.

Written by LEONA CHEN, Secretary / Published September 13, 2013 

In June, the application to apply to become a member of the Temple City Youth Committee was made available on the Temple City website. The new members have since been selected, and will be announced this month.

In its fourth year of existence, the Temple City Youth Committee was established with the main goal of connecting the youth to their community and local government.

“Over the past few years our city council has embarked on many new projects and goals to make Temple City a great place to live and work,” says Councilmember Tom Chavez, “We wanted to empower a representative group of our youth to serve as the eyes and ears of young men and women, specifically to tell us what they would like to see and do from their point of view.”

Temple City High School alumnus Kyle Evanko and Junior Carly Loveland recently served on the Youth Committee for two terms, and have expressed their appreciation for the committee.

“My favorite event with the youth committee was when we went to the pregnancy help center in our town and built a planter in support,” Loveland says. “It felt really good to do something that I knew would make a difference in my community.”


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