Temple City’s Quickly now a destination for students

The new Temple City Quickly offers a comforting atmosphere for people to dine in or relax.

Written by SABRINA FANG, Staff Writer / Published August 28, 2013

Music plays softly in the background of the room, filling the open space and delightful atmosphere that is the new Temple City Quickly, a quaint little tea shop located in a plaza on the corner of Las Tunas and Oak Avenue. It is the place where people on the go can take a breath from their errands, relax, and enjoy a variety of tasty foods and drinks.

The Temple City location for this chain of restaurants, which has locations in Rosemead, San Gabriel, and Monterey Park, was opened earlier in the year, and has “quickly” become a popular afterschool hotspot for students.

Quickly offers a calming environment for those who need a place to unwind or simply spend some time with friends, and its common patrons not only include students but also families and older adults who are looking for a light place to eat and enjoy themselves.

However, be warned for the restaurant can get extremely busy in the afternoon as students make their way to this attractive location.

Quickly’s diverse menu of drinks, snacks and meals has something for every customer to love, whether it is in the store or on the go. From tea to popcorn chicken to rice dishes, Quickly offers an array of options that is guaranteed to satisfy all. Its prices are reasonable and about the same as any other tea shop’s with drinks ranging from around $2 to $4 and food ranging from around $2 to $7.

Quickly is a place that welcomes all guests and provides them with a place to take a seat, spend time with friends, and relax. Go take a break at Quickly today!


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