The Temple City Voice re-launches

Over the past few months, The Temple City Voice went through an extensive renovation. The organization returns to celebrate its 7th year of publishing.

Written by AMY LIN, Treasurer / Published August 9, 2013 

Since its creation in July 2006, The Temple City Voice has endeavored in covering local events and news for the residents of Temple City. However, over the last couple of months, the organization has taken a brief hiatus.

“Our hiatus helped us to think about who we are, where we are going, and how we are going to get there,” says Founder Matthew Wong. “The Temple City Voice plans to produce a more interactive and engaging product- a more professional print edition and revamped interactive website, as well as an active social media presence. We are also hoping to include some short videos.”

The Temple City Voice hopes to achieve more professionalism by using a new newsprint material as well as adding more content to its pages. Now employing a more professional format along with expanded circulation, The Temple City Voice hopes to rise higher than ever before.

“We’re hoping to reach out to our community better with added circulation and locations to pick up the issues,” says advisor Amy Fan. “Our goal is to make The Temple City Voice relatable — a good connection to readers of all ages and backgrounds, by focusing on citywide events, local politics, and news.”

The organization envisions a community filled with civically engaged residents and plans to increase its presence in the community by hosting events such as candidate forums and town hall meetings.

“We really hope to represent and channel the voice of Temple City citizens,” newly departed editor-in-chief Yinting Huang says. “We need the support of the community to help us gather the resources we need to publish.”

Along with The Voice’s relaunch efforts, the organization recently welcomed seniors Natalie Jin and Promise Li to lead its publications. The new editor-in-chief and managing editor officially took their positions this August.

In the meantime, articles will be continue to be publish every other week online when it does not publish in print.

The Voice is also inviting residents to subscribe as a member with the new mail-in feature, which will deliver its publications monthly to subscribers’ homes.

The prices for monthly subscription to The Temple City Voice are listed on the back page. The revenue, along with sponsorships, will help fund for the maintenance of this news organization.


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