Temple City aims to be the “Biggest Loser”

Mayor Cynthia Sternquist is challenging Temple City to a 10-week “Biggest Loser” fitness challenge.

Written by SABRINA FANG, Staff Writer / Published August 9, 2013 

Starting from June 24 and ending on August 24, citizens will be able to participate in various fitness regimens at the Temple City Park every Monday from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

This fitness-geared event welcomes people of all ages, but individuals under the age of 16 must be accompanied by parent or guardian. Although there is a 10-dollar fee that is required for entry to the program, there are complimentary prizes which include a t-shirt and water bottle.

This 10-week tournament will challenge competitors to work towards their weight loss goals through the means of consistent exercise and healthy nutrition plans.

Competitors will also participate in series of fitness challenges that vary from muscle building exercises to heart-strengthening cardio workouts.

By the end of every Monday night, competitors are weighed-in and their individual weight loss numbers are recorded.

Ultimately, as hard work must be paid off, the competitor who loses the greatest body fat percentage by the end of the 10-week competition will win the title of Temple City’s “Biggest Loser” and will receive the grand prize.

That being said, small prizes will also be rewarded—all participants will also be given the chance to earn weekly prices.

Through the “Biggest Loser” Challenge, the city hopes to motivate its citizens to engage in a more active lifestyle through the community by encouraging both exercise and by providing motivation to make more healthy choices.

By the end of the 10 weeks, the city hopes that many will see the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle, and ultimately, adopt these beneficial habits.

The “Biggest Loser” Challenge will also be a part of a city program called “Complete Neighbors”, which is designed to “foster civic engagement, unity, public health and safety in the community.”

In addition to the Biggest Loser, many other fitness and health related events will be held throughout the summer as previews for the new “Shape Up TC” program, a “comprehensive fitness and fitness program for the community”. “Shape Up TC” is scheduled to be initiated fall of 2013.

“Move over Jillian Michaels,” Sternquist eagerly proclaims. “Temple City is bringing healthy living to another level.”


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