Rock The Canvas attracts local artists and art enthusiasts

New artistic venture in the summer attempts to vitalize the community’s dedication to its heritage and culture.

Written by ANDY CHUANG, Staff Writer / Published August 9, 2013  

This summer, Temple City will host its first annual Rock the Canvas, a makeshift gallery that is hosted at the Temple City Park on three separate days.

As a way to help jump-start its public arts ordinance, Temple City planned this event as an attempt to bring together and expand the creativity of the community.

People of all ages and occupations are invited to contribute their own pieces of artwork to display in the gallery. Contributing artists must follow a central theme for each day of the event. In addition, the artists are required to provide at maximum three artworks as well as their own equipment. The artists cannot sell their artwork in the galleries but are allowed to advertise their profession.

Although the date of the first two galleries, “Defining Diversity” and “Food as Art” have passed, one more gallery will be available before the end of the summer: “Go Green”, which illustrates the importance of sustainability through its displays, on August 31.

Event coordinator Chelsea Woods states, “This is our first year of hosting Rock the Canvas, but our community has responded well to this event. It’s hard to say, but we had roughly 300 people show up for our art gallery.”


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