Interview with Superintendent Chelsea Kang-Smith

Dr. Kang-Smith discusses the accomplishments made this year and future plans for the district.

Written by PROMISE LI, Managing Editor / Published August 9, 2013 

As the school year comes to an end, Superintendent Dr. Chelsea Kang-Smith recaps the accomplishments and improvements of the 2012-13 year and reveals her goals for the next year.

She mentions that the success of the School Facilities Bond as a definite accomplishment of this year.

The School Facilities Bond was passed in November 2012, with the aim of enhancing the schools’ technological resources, making basic updates in the health, safety, and energy departments, and expanding learning opportunities for certain education programs.

Dr. Kang-Smith strongly credits the help of “hard-working parents, who greatly contributed to the success of the bond by reaching out to the community.”

She discusses the success in academics this year, with Temple City’s API score increasing to a new high, 906.

She also points out that, due to the success of Prop 30, no notifications of lay-offs were sent to any faculty member within the District this year.

Kang-Smith states that a general plan for the future, consisting of five main goals, had been already formulated during the January district Board meeting.

“Our five main goals for the next three years are, to create instructional programs that can fully engage all students, to achieve 21th century technology in classrooms, to modernize and improve facilities, to promote more staff benefits while adhering to fiscal constraints, and to improve communication and trust in our community.”

Dr. Kang-Smith expresses great confidence in the future years, and stresses the importance of acknowledging the numerous achievements of the year in spite of the recent economic slowdown.

“We should celebrate the successes of the year, mainly due the hard work of the community working together,” she says, “The recent budget crisis may be quite affecting, but let us focus on the many positive accomplishments we have all worked to bring together.”


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