MasterChef contestants cater to Emperor Elementary school students

Students from Emperor Elementary school appeared on national television as they judged the culinary efforts of the show’s contestants.

Written by ALBERT CHEN, Assistant Editor / Published July 19, 2013 

Filming for television show MasterChef took place on the campus of Emperor Elementary School for their fifth episode of season four.

The amateur chefs involved in the cooking show had exactly one hour and 45 minutes to cook a lunchtime meal for over 300 of Emperor Elementary’s students. This particular episode was aired on television on June 5th.

The contestants on the show arrived early in the morning to setup and begin cooking for the excited students.

The contestants were split into two teams: the red team and the blue team.

Before lunch, celebrity chef host Gordon Ramsay visited classrooms in the school to survey which dishes the students liked best. The students gave enthusiastic responses and were very excited to have the chefs on campus.

The enthusiasm was also extended to Emperor Elementary alumnus.

“It is so exciting to have such a famous television show film at an elementary school that I formerly attended,” said Senior Anson Wong, “I wish it would have happened while I was still attending Emperor.”

After sampling the dishes and determining which ones they preferred more, the eager students got the chance to be the judges of the chefs and voted for their favorite team of amateur cooks. Many of the students’ comments were critical.

“The blue team’s green beans bent my fork,” said one student, who was upset about the hardness of the vegetables.

“My mom cooks better,” said another student.

In the end, the chicken teriyaki with rice and corn along with the strawberry crumble was the winning dish, narrowly giving the red team the victory with 58 percent of the votes from the students.


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