Interview with City Council Candidate: Nicholas Lisk

Nicholas Lisk, a candidate for the 2013 Temple City City Council, discusses his campaign and future plans for the city.

Written by PROMISE LI / Published February 15, 2013 

Nicholas Lisk, a 16-year resident of Temple City and former national contractor, is running for the Temple City City Council Election a second time.

Lisk has worked in a variety of different fields, such as engineering, consulting, and contracting; he believes that these exposures provided him great experience that would enable him to serve the community well.

He seeks to “close the gap” in the city as council member, promoting more participation from citizens while working to bring the leaders of the town closer to their people. Lisk stresses that his main goal is to “promote effective government through the residents’ input and participation.”

“I want to emphasize the importance of having input and activity from the public, and that all the improvements to the town cannot be made without the people’s help,” said Lisk.

He also pointed out the inefficiency of the city’s contracts.

“Some of the contracts made by the city is just unbelievable,” he exclaimed, “The prices, the longevity, everything – and as council member I will fix those deals.”

Lisk seeks to improve the city from an economic standpoint as well.

“Another issue I find is that salaries and foreign investments in the town are out of proportion. Real estates are not consistent in handling investments, and that’s one more issue the city council should tackle.”

He also proudly stated that he is a strong proponent of environmental causes.

“I’m a green person,” he said. “There are contracts that are being made that are excessive and detrimental to our environment and surroundings, such as the recent landscaping of Live Oak Park.”

“We’ve got to keep the city green,” he adds.

This year’s city council election will be held on March 5. For more information please contact the City Hall at (626) 285-2171.


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