Catching Up With Former Art Manager Ava Cheng

Ava Cheng, former TCV member, talks about her life after graduation.

Written by LEONA CHENG / Published February 15, 2013 

Ava Cheng joined Temple City Voice in her sophomore year and contributed by delivering the paper, illustrating comics every week, and even writing a number of articles. In her senior year, she served as the Art Manager and found herself drawing even more comics, but this time, she was working with a team.

“TCV was just one of those activities that I juggled in high school,” Cheng states. “I saw it as an extracurricular activity that would give me experience and help me gain volunteer hours at the same time.”

Although she is currently attending UC Santa Barbara, her experience at Temple City Voice has still been an important and influential experience. It has introduced her to many crucial things, such as the local city politics and news. She had caught a glimpse of the significant events in her city, much of which she felt that many other high school students have never been exposed to.

In addition to her appreciation for TCV, she has shared her recent activities as a college student in UC Santa Barbara. She is majoring in environmental design, and has her eyes set on landscape design and possibly conservation ecology as well.

“I’m basically the PR/multi media chair for my residence hall’s version of ASB,” she explains, “I am interested in those majors because they combine art, design, ecology and the environment.”

With her determined mindset and interests, it is evident that she has a promising future in college.


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