Interview with City Council Candidate: Matthew Wong

Matthew Wong is one of four candidates who is running for one of two open spots on the city council.

Written by ALBERT CHEN / Published February 8, 2013 

The Temple City municipal election, which will take place on March 5, will decide which two candidates among the four that are currently running will fill two spots on city council. The terms of City Council Members Vincent Yu and Tom Chavez, both of them incumbents, will end this year.

Matthew Wong, a candidate for this year’s municipal election, has previously run for Temple City School Board and is on the Temple City Parks and Recreation commission. He is a graduate from Temple City High School and the University of California, Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Asian American Studies.

Wong states that his main reasons for running for City Council are to breathe new life into the city while at the same time paying more attention to the needs of the city’s citizens.

“The Temple City city council needs to prioritize economic development and revitalization, as well as foster a sense of local Temple City identity. Temple City residents have also expressed their concern to me about where we are going as a city, in terms of recent city council actions and finances, as well as excessive local regulation and the “nickel and diming” for basic city services,” said Wong, “That’s why I want to serve on the city council. I want to ensure our ordinary residents have a voice.”

In order to better the city of Temple City, Wong plans to make the improvement of the city’s economy and the support of city residents his top priorities.

“My priorities are economic development and advocacy for our seniors, youth, and veterans,” said Wong, “I will prioritize economic development, as well as what we spend and how we spend our monies. I will promote community initiatives that foster a sense of local Temple City identity.”

He cites his experience in city matters and listening skills as qualities that make him qualified for a spot on city council.

“I am an avid listener and a community advocate,” said Wong, “I have served Temple City for the past 10 years, as a City Hall volunteer, the Founding Executive Director of the Temple City Voice, and as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner.”

Wong is running against Tom Chavez, Nicholas Lisk, and Vincent Yu.


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