Unknown Surf Band Performs Farewell Tour

The Unknown Surf Band performed last Friday, February 1 at Temple City High School.

Written by JANETTE TANG / Published February 8, 2013

The Unknown Surf Band, consisting of six Temple City High School teachers, performed last Friday, February 1st, in room 601 at 9 P.M. following the TCHS Boys Basketball team’s win against La Canada.

The six teachers, including Music Director Bert Ferntheil, English Teacher John Gulack, Graphics Teacher Richard Hollinger, History Teacher Anthony Russell, Assistant Principal Terry Sholty, and Introduction to Microsoft Teacher Gene Simons, put together this performance through three 60 minute lunch practices to commemorate the ending of a stressful week of finals testing.

Students danced to oldies like “Hey Baby” with the dance moves that the Unknown Surf Band demonstrated.

“They taught us dance moves like the Hedge Clipper, the Lawn Mower, and the Weed Whacker,” ASB President Vivian Ka says. “I had a lot of fun!”

As the students danced the night away, the performers also enjoyed the limelight.

“All of us really enjoyed playing for the kids,” Music Director Bert Ferntheil says. “Most of the songs were from years past and it was just nice to give them a taste of what we grew up with, to get in there and play as a live band just like what our school dances used to have.”

Blasting music and laughter could be heard even from outside as the band gave their first and last performance.


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