A Clash of Cultures

Temple City High School holds Multicultural Week.

Written by NATALIE JIN / Published February 8, 2013

Flags of all multitudes, colors and emblems, symbolizing countries from across the world were hung throughout Temple City High School in honor of Multicultural Week, from February 4th to February 8th, 2013.

Multicultural Week is an on campus attempt to bring acknowledgment and appreciation to the various cultures that are present within the diverse ethnic pool at Temple City High School. This year, the culturally invigorating week was directed by members of the campus’s Associated Student Body (ASB) and headed this year by Campus Commissioner Angela Zhou.

When asked about her passion for Multicultural Week, Angela mentioned, “I take pride that the purpose of this week is to celebrate the diversity and different cultures we have on campus. We don’t get to appreciate these minute details throughout the regular school year so it’s exhilarating to take a week out to solely appreciate these ‘little things in life’.”

The week is designed in the hopes that by raising awareness of other cultures, students will be less liable to social biases or stereotypes. Students celebrated the week with lunchtime activities such as passing out red envelopes, a traditionally Chinese mannerism, and distributing piñatas, a Mexican tradition, and the list continues.

To sum up the week, the Associated Student Body held an International Food Friday to call the week to an end. It resembled Fun Food Friday, a semiannual event at which clubs at Temple City High School sold foods in an attempt to raise money for their respective clubs.

However, instead of the usual foods, clubs made an attempt to sell more culturally diverse foods. Students were also encouraged to dress up on Friday to represent their own distinct cultures.

In all regards, Multicultural Week was a huge success. With the generous work of the Associated Student Body, Temple City High School students were able to experience a taste of outside and foreign cultures within the confinements of school.


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