Dance Concert: Artistry in Motion

Groups throughout Temple City gathered together to put on a performance.

Written by TIFFANY KHA / Published February 1, 2013  

On Friday, January 18, Temple City High School presented the annual dance concert, titled this year “Artistry in Motion.”

The concert was held at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, and tickets were sold at ten dollars for general seating and fifteen for reserved.

The concert featured performances from many different groups, but focused mainly on Temple City High School’s dance team, Choreo. There were also Senior Solos throughout the concert from Choreo members Kimberly Ho, Judy Zhou, Grace Zhang, and Brittney Chau.

Choreo captain Kimberly Ho spoke to TCV regarding the event. “Although it was very hectic the night of the show, I think the Dance Concert turned out well from our perspectives as the performers and we were also glad to hear that the audience enjoyed it as well! I was nervous about my solo because of how rushed my costume changes were and whether or not the audience would enjoy it. was pleased to hear what people had to say about not only my solo but also the other routines Choreo performed. “

Senior Judy Zhou felt “a surge of excitement rush through me as I made my final leap in the last routine of then night and before I knew it, my last dance as a senior member of the Choreo team was over. Listening to the applause, I could not help but feel proud of my team for putting on such an incredible show. “

Performances were also given by Auxilaries, Beginning and Advanced Dance, Drumline, Fusion, Jr. Dance, JV Basketball, Krookz Crew, Oak Avenue Drill / Pom, Pep, Vision Crew, and others.

Also featured were performances by teachers in a Dancing with the Teachers Contest. Contestants included Botello, Castro, Gonzalez, Herman, Penalora, and Schendel, who put on performances alongside Choreo members. The winners of the Dancing with the Teachers contest were decided based on votes during intermission. The winners were Mr. Schendel and Mrs. Herman.

Senior Brittney Chau said “Penalora was so much fun to work with, and Ariel and I also grew closer while choreographing it.

There was hard work involved, which senior Ariel Tan described as “countless hours of practice, terrible bruises…everywhere, and pushed through exhaustion and sickness – all for one night. But in the end, it was all well worth it.”

In Chau’s words, “[the concert] was a great success, but it was also really bittersweet because it’s my last dance concert. Choreo has grown so much this year, and everyone on the team agrees that we’re truly a family, not just a team.”


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