Interview with City Council Candidate Tom Chavez

City Council candidate interview with incumbent Tom Chavez.

Written by ALBERT CHEN / Published January 18, 2013

On March 5, the Temple City municipal election will be held to elect two new city council members from the four candidates, two of them incumbents. The terms of City Council members Vincent Yu and Tom Chavez will end this year.

Incumbent Tom Chavez previously served as mayor and mayor pro tempore of Temple City. He was a former Parks and Recreation commissioner and was elected for City Council in 2009. His main motivation for running for a third term is to complete unfinished projects started in his previous term.

“I still have a number of initiatives that I would like to complete such as the Rosemead boulevard project,” said Chavez.

His major goals for his next term will be completing projects that were left unfinished and maintaining a secure environment within Temple City.

“The immediate goals are deviate major projects during the Rosemead Boulevard Project,” said Chavez, “Long term goals are to continue to provide a safe place for great, healthy families and making a safe environment for our city.”

Some of the qualities that he believes make him qualified for another term is his beliefs in maintaining transparency in city government, spending money wisely, promoting government participation, and maintaining a healthy relationship between the city and its organizations.

“I’m proud of the fact that we enacted new, higher levels of personal conduct. Our council member commissioner established new protocols for fair, ethical government,” said Chavez.

Chavez also highlights some of his past achievements from his previous two terms with other members of city council, such as the update of the city’s emergency preparedness plan and the establishment of a citizens’ academy.

Chavez is running against Nick Lisk, Matthew Wong, and Vincent Yu.


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