Catching up with Former Editor Raymond Tran

An interview with former Editor Raymond Tran, a UCSD student.

Written by GRACE CHAN / Published January 18, 2013

During winter break, former Temple City Voice Editor-in-Chief and current student at the University of California San Diego, Raymond Tran relates his experiences in TCV and his new experiences in college.

Tran served as Senior Editor and then progressed to Editor-in-Chief during his senior year at Temple City High School, but before he had achieved these executive positions, Tran first heard about TCV through a fellow peer and former editor of TCV.

“Jason Wu and I were both in high school journalism together,” Tran said. “We thought it was a good way to further develop our journalism skills.”

Tran’s executive positions in TCV taught him notable lessons and gave him valuable insight, such as leadership and communication , which he can apply to his future career.

“”Serving as EIC taught me to constantly communicate with people inside and outside the organization.” Tran said. “It also taught me that any form of leadership demands more than assigning people responsibilities; it takes a lot of communication and a willingness to help others and to let them help you.”

Tran now studies biology as a sophomore at UCSD with an interest in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical field. The transition from high school to university has given Tran a surreal amount of freedom and exposure.

“I feel like the professors here are bottomless resources of knowledge,” Tran said. “It’s really cool to come into college with the exposure to all these different subjects, and I think having the freedom to decide which classes to take, which clubs to join and how to spend your time is really a blessing.”

On a final note, Tran relays that his time spent in TCV and the time he is spending in college was and is a memorable experience.

I got to spend a lot of time with some team members [in TCV], and as result I found some really valuable friendships,” Tran said. “[As for college,] I’m meeting a lot of people, and I’ve been very fortunate to have found a couple of close friends. College is an awesome place to be in and I’m trying to enjoy every moment of it.”


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