Temple City Adopts New Personnel Rules

City Council to discuss a “pay for performance” plan at later date.

Written by YINTING HUANG / Published January 18, 2013  

The city council has agreed to “significant” amendments of the city’s policies governing City Hall employees.

The revision of the personnel rules, approved during the December 18, 2012 city council meeting, comes after Administrative Services Director Tracy Hause led a review of the document.

According to the Ms. Hause, the city last examined the personnel rules and policies in 2008.

“We did find that our current policies were in conflict with current law,” she noted.

The administrative services director proposed 22 modifications, including new job titles and definitions, as well as employee pay and evaluations.

While the city council did approve of the proposed changes, they also provide their own input. The city council, for example, offered four amendments, including grievance and work place violence policies.

However, the city council did not discuss in depth the management staff’s proposal for a “pay for performance” program.

Mayor Pro Tempore Cynthia Sternquist asked, “Is the [city] council going to be involved in any of that process?”

“As a [city] council, we have never discussed how the process is going to take place, how the process is going to be implemented?” she stated.

In response, Ms. Hause noted that the city council would be considering the “pay for performance” at a later date, in January or February.

She said that the “revision of the personnel practices” would be conducted in three phases.

The first phase involved hiring Ralph Anderson and Associates, a consultant, to look into a classification and compensation study. The second phase is a complete review of the personnel policies. The third and final phase is to revise the evaluation process.


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