Annual Rose Parade Delights Millions

The Tournament of Roses Association kicks off the New Year with their 124th Rose Parade with their theme celebrating optimism and wondrous journey.

Written by PAULINE CHEN / Published January 11, 2013 

The 124th Rose Parade presented by Honda was held on January 1, 2013 at 8:00AM in Pasadena. This year’s theme is “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” which is borrowed from the title of Dr. Suess’ book. The parade’s 42 floats will focus on creating a sense of excitement in the joy of adventure.  The Grand Marshal, founder of Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace, was Dr. Jane Goodall.  Every year, the Tournament of Roses Association holds interviews for seven spots in the Royal Court.

This year the Rose queen is Vanessa Manjarrez.  Manjarrez, along with six other girls on court, rode gracefully in the Macy’s “Presenting the Royal Court” float.  This float featured decorative and elegant rose gardens and hedges with seven chairs for the court to be seated as they passed by the audience.  The Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio was between the Stanford Cardinals and the Wisconsin Badgers with Stanford winning the Rose Bowl trophy.

Along with the game, there were a number of bands in the Rose Parade including the David High Marching Band from Kaysville Utah and the Bands of American Honor Band from Indianapolis, Indiana.

The opening float of the parade was a 100 foot-long American Honda “Follow Your Dreams” float which explored a child’s imagination and featured a slide running across the float.

Another float was the Farmers Insurance “The Love Float” with a bride and groom on top of a ornate egg centered between two angels, one playing a trumpet, the other strumming the harp.  The parade stopped as the couple’s wedding broadcasted across the nation.

The floats were made on a volunteer basis with thousands of volunteers working around to clock to finish the floats.

“I’ve worked on them [floats] before so I know just how much work goes into making them look so beautiful,” said Senior Mariah Tomason, “It’s also really fun to see all the new creative things they come up with.”

Other volunteers who participated in the Student Ambassador Program are high school volunteers who act as the Tournament’s community outreach.  These students spend there time volunteering at events like Bandfest, float decorating, and post parade.

“I liked volunteering with students from other schools and making new friends,” said Student Ambassador Kanani Driebus, “I enjoyed talking to visitors from different states who were there to visit the floats and who had never seen anything like them before.”

Rose by rose, volunteers make this phenomenal event possible with the amount of time and effort they put in.


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