Opinion: New Year’s Resolutions

Assistant Editor gives her opinion about New Year’s Resolutions.

Written by NATALIE JIN / Published January 11, 2013  

We are all familiar with the clichés that follow the coming of a new year, promising to break old habits and start new ones, hoping to inspire change. But are these resolutions actually effective, or are they yet another noble attempt to motive the unmotivated? I sought to debunk this mystery this winter break.

After asking the opinions of my family, friends and colleagues, I was brought to the general consensus that most people, teenagers and adults, do not believe in the effectiveness of a New Year’s Resolution.

A Junior at Temple City High School, Michael Ye, offered his two-cents when it came down to making resolutions, “ I don’t like to make a list of what I’m supposed to do at the beginning of a year. Most of the time, if not all the time, I end up following another routine and break my resolutions within the first month.”

Erica Wang, a long time resident of Temple City, concurs. She says, “ I make plans that I want to follow, but by the end of the year, I’ve done something different. The year is too fluid for me to make any long term resolutions.”

When it comes down to it, those I have asked, it seems like the general consensus is that most people dislike the stereotype that New Year’s Resolutions have become.

On that note, I’d like to agree. Resolutions and an opportunity to better or habits or lifestyle should not be limited just to New Years, as it so seems to be. Goal setting should be something that is kept up with and updated regularly. Change is inevitable in our lives, and as we accomplish old goals, new ones should be set to the ebb and flow of our lives.

However, keep in mind that goals aren’t accomplished by merely setting them. They can’t be wished into existence, and accomplishing them is an arduous journey. But take a leap and step forth into the expedition: make a resolution, New Years, or not.


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