Review: Temple City Guppy House

Last Friday, December 7, Guppy House Temple City had their Grand Opening and Ribbon cutting ceremony.

Written by TIFFANY KHA / Published December 14, 2012 

Bright lights shone into the sky during the night time visible form several blocks away on December 7. These came from Guppy House, as they held their official Grand Opening even though the restaurant had been open for several weeks beforehand.

This is the fifth Guppy House that has opened in Southern California, joining the ones in Irvine, Hacienda Heights, Anaheim Hills, and Cerritos.

During the opening, the outside of the restaurant featured a large balloon arch as well as music by Authentic Vibes. There was also a car meet put on by Dayuum as they celebrated their one year anniversary and the grand opening.

The event featured free raffle tickets, two dollar boba, and many came to grand opening.

The restaurant features an interesting interior that appears almost jungle-like, as many palms and ferns surround the tables people are seated at. Lightbulbs hang down from the ceiling as a stylistic choice, and it created a nice general ambiance.

The environment is rather noisy, and there may be a line to go in, but overall, the restaurant is a decent place to go for dinner and especially for dessert.

The menu featured many types of main courses: noodles, soup, rice, desserts, drinks, etc. However, what Guppy House is particularly known for is their shaved ice. Although a bit on the more expensive side at around $11 for a small shaved ice, the portions are very large, enough to serve around five people. Overall, it was a good experience.


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