Pulido Receives Performance Bonus

City Council votes 3-2 to award the city manager a $20,287.80 bonus

Written by YINTING HUANG / Published December 14, 2012  

City Manager Jose Pulido will receive a pay bonus for his performance over the last fiscal year. The city council last month voted 3-2 to approve a third amendment to the city manager’s contract.

According to City Attorney Eric Vail, the revised employee contract makes the following changes: reduces severance payment from 12 months to six months, codifies the current base salary, and amends medical insurance benefits to equal existing city policy.

Additionally, the city manager is expected to receive a $20,287.80 performance bonus.

Those in favor of Mr. Pulido’s amended contract and performance bonus include Mayor Vincent Yu, Councilmember Carl Blum, and Councilmember Tom Chavez.

“I think it’s well deserved,” Mayor Yu said on November 6, 2012. “We value his performance, the leadership he has brought to this city.”

Councilmember Blum agreed, “I’m comfortable, in rewarding, recognizing a lot that’s been done.”

However, Mayor Pro Tempore Cynthia Sternquist and Councilmember Fernando Vizcarra dissented. Ms. Sternquist said she was “not comfortable” with the bonus, though she expressed, “I think that our city manager is doing an extremely, or a very good job.”

The city is moving towards a “pay for performance” model, Mr. Blum noted. “You should be compensated if you are doing a really good job for us,” he said.

The councilmember also pointed that the city council had budgeted $50,000 for performance bonuses during the current fiscal year.

Two residents spoke out against the performance bonus.

The city manager joined City Hall in October 2009. He earns a base salary of $202,878 per year. Mr. Pulido also receives a $300 monthly car allowance, four weeks of vacation pay, as well as health benefits and life insurance.

Also that evening, the city council approved a $1.1. million increase to the construction budget of the Rosemead Boulevard Enhancement Project.


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