Temple City Gets New Representatives

New representatives come with the approval of redistricting maps.

Written by ALBERT CHEN / Published December 7, 2012  

In light of the approval of redistricting maps in 2011, Temple City has received new representatives.

In 2011, the California Redistricting Commission approved new maps of the state and congressional districts, moving Temple City from the 44th Assembly district to the 49th district, from the 21st senate district to the 22nd senate district, and from the 29th congressional district to the 27th congressional district.

This in turn has led to changes in the representatives of Temple City.

The new Assembly member for the 49th district is Edwin Chau, who won the 2012 49th assembly race against Matthew lin with 56.4 percent yes votes and 43.6 percent no, replacing former assembly member Mike Eng.

Ed Chau previously served as a school board member for the city of Montebello and served as a Judge Pro Tem for the Los Angeles Superior court.

The change from 21st to 22nd senate district has also caused a change in state senators for Temple City.

Previous Senator Carol Liu of the 21st district was replaced with Senator Ed Hernandez who represents the 22nd district.

The 22nd senate district extends from the West San Gabriel Valley to the East and includes the cities of Covina and La Puente.

Due to the change from the 29th the 27th congressional district Congressman Adam Schiff no longer represents Temple City, instead, Congresswoman Judy Chu, who won against Jack Orswell in November, will represent Temple City.  Chu previously served as congresswoman for California’s 32nd congressional district and was a member of the 49th assembly district.

The new 27th congressional district includes San Gabriel, Rosemead, Arcadia, and Pasadena.


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