Beauty and the Deceased A Success

The Rams Repertory Company entertained audiences with a comical new play, Beauty and the Deceased.

Written by ALBERT CHEN / Published December 7, 2012  

Last Thursday and Friday the Rams repertory company showcased the play “Beauty and the Deceased” by Marc Holland and Michael Davis in theatre 601 at Temple City High School at 7:00pm.

The lead actors in the play included Alec Velazquez, Mackenzie Byers, Alexandria Vicario, Andrew Yanni, Arianna Fawk, and David Larson. They portrayed a variety of humorous characters in a parody of a classic detective story.

The play is part of the seventh season of the Rams Repertory Company.  In the past, they have done plays such as A Mid summer Night’s Dream, The Crucible, The Troubadours of Trouble, A Christmas Story, and many others.  Tickets were $7.00 for general admission and pre-sale tickets were $5.00.

The play received favorable reviews from the students who watched it.

“It was hilarious and fun,” said senior Curtis Tang, “It set the tone of a great new season of the rams repertory company.”

As always, the actors of the Rams Repertory Company played their parts well and showed their enthusiasm for acting.

“The play showed the talents of the members of the rams repertory company,” said Tang.

A large number of people attended the play, a sign that the Rams Repertory Company is off to a good start.

“I thought it was really successful for our second performance we had almost up to 200 people come,” said Senior Alexandria Vicario who played the part of Veronica Abercrombie in the play.

Don’t forget about the upcoming musical in March, which will also feature many of the actors from the Rams Repertory Company.


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