Burgundy is the New Black: Fall Trends 2012

Staff Writer Vivian Ka comments on the latest trends.

Written by VIVIAN KA / Published November 9, 2012 

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer as much as the next person, but after facing the wrath of the brutal sun god for far too long, I was overjoyed to find temperatures finally falling below 80 degrees.

I gleefully packed away my mint green shorts and chiffon tank tops and dug out those cozy coats and scarves so quintessentially fall.

Ahh, autumn. Fall is by far my favorite fashion season, so of course I kept a vigilant watch on trends both on and off the runway. Here are two of my picks for this fall season.

Wine Reds

This beautiful deep red hue is the perfect transition to fall fashion. Popping up on runways from Rodarte to DKNY, burgundy and other muted reds were the new “it” color during New York Fall Fashion Week. Retail stores such as H&M and Forever21 quickly snapped up this trend, with a plethora of maroon-colored jeans, coats, and scarves soon hanging from their mannequins.

Vivian’s picks: Makeup and beauty lines have also hopped on the burgundy bandwagon. I fell head over heels for Chanel’s Diabolic, a rich velvet-red nail polish, but soon realized I was far too cheap to pay the hefty $26 price tag. After fanatically stalking my local RiteAid for the perfect burgundy polish, I finally found a much more reasonably priced alternative: NYC’s Lincoln Center, priced at a meager $1.99.


Not-so-curvy girls, your fashion prayers have been answered. There’s a reason to rejoice this fall season with the resurgence of the peplum trend. The peplum style, which features a frill of fabric emphasizing a slim waistline, has been incorporated into designer jackets, tunics, and cocktail dresses.

Vivian’s picks: Major retailers have also featured peplum in their fall lines. Though the peplum style isn’t the most flattering on my pear-shaped frame, narrow-hipped girls looking for homecoming dresses should consider Forever21 and Windsor, which currently carry an array of beautiful peplum dresses.


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