2012 General Election Results Round-Up

A new 49th Assembly Member is elected and measure that will affect Temple City are passed.

Written by ALBERT CHEN / Published November 9, 2012 

The voting on November 6 resulted in the election of Ed Chau as State Assembly Member for District 49, the approval of Measure S and prop 30, and the loss of props 32, 34, and 38, and Measure J.

Ed Chau won against Matthew Lin in the 49th assembly race, with 56.6 percent of votes going to Chau and 43.4 percent for Lin.

Prop 30 was passed with 53.9 percent yes votes and 46.1 percent no. Prop 30 will raise the price of sales taxes and taxes on incomes of more than $250,000 to raise funds for education in California.

Prop 32 lost, gaining 43.9 percent yes votes and 56.1 percent no. Prop 32 prevents unions, corporations, and government contractors from using funds that are deducted from employee paychecks for political purposes.

Prop 34, which aims to eliminate the death penalty and replace it with a life sentence in prison with no chance of parole, did not pass, gaining 47.2 percent votes for it and 52.8 percent votes against it.

Prop 38, which also did not pass, would raise taxes for 12 years to fund schools and early childhood programs if it had passed. 27.7 percent of votes were yes and 72.3 percent were no.

Measure S, which required 55 percent approval, gained 63.12 percent yes votes and 36.88 percent no votes. It will raise property taxes by $58.80 per $100,000 in assessed value in order to raise money for the renovation of schools within Temple City Unified School District.

Measure J is an extension of Measure R and will expedite construction on light rail, subway, and airport connections. It failed with 65.99 percent yes and 34.01 percent no. Measure J required a 2/3rds vote to pass.


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